Your wily wombat here is proposing a new paradigm in cryptocurrency: WombatCoin. Much like its similarly-named cousin, it was invented by a mysterious guy that holds a large stake of the WombatCoin cache. The press thinks they’ve identified him, but now they’re not so sure whether he’s an individual or a group. At this point, nobody cares – it’s a new opportunity, so strike while the iron is hot!

WombatCoin makes no false claims about being any kind of true currency. Nosirreebob, this is a straight up Ponzi scheme of the first order, and the Wombat makes no bones about it. This is better than any MLM you could possibly imagine! Rates of return are practically guaranteed to be 100,000% for the first thousand swind- er, I mean, investors, yeah. Given the current market temperature, you ought to be able to cash out in about a year and buy a nice yacht for what you would normally invest in a lottery ticket.

So tell all your friends! Your enemies! That pesky Advocare guy that is always offering you a Spark (“who couldn’t use some energy and focus?!”). But be sure to wait until after you’ve secured your stake in the greatest moneymaking opportunity since the launch of Amway: WombatCoin!

Note: Not to be confused with Wombat coins.


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